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Take the planning and stress out of your Alaska fishing trip.

We take care of the details from the moment you arrive. Wake up to fresh coffee, and a hearty breakfast. Your lunch is ready as you head out to meet your fishing boat. Spend a great day on the water with professional guides and gear, and in the best boats on the water. At the end of your stay, your fish will be processed and ready for pick-up. This is what keeps our guests coming back to Jimmie Jack’s Alaska Fishing Lodge year after year!

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Friday, August 5, 2016

Come Vacation at Our Alaska Fishing Lodge

What should you know about a fishing lodge package at Jimmie Jack’s Alaska Fishing Lodge? This lodge gives families the opportunity to have their own lodge room, or their cabin, so that they can enjoy our fishing charters and their own private leisure time. If you come during the summer season, you’ll be able to fish and enjoy a nightly campfire at the lodge during our famed salmon runs. If you’d like to know more about vacationing here, watch this short video.

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What makes the Alaska Fishing Lodge unique?

It gives families and other groups of people the opportunity to have their own cabin and their own kitchen so that they can spend their evenings planning their own dinner feasts. We provide a breakfast and fisherman’s lunch, but after that our guests can prepare their own barbecues and make use of the campfire pits in the evening..

Our guests can have their own cabin and their own kitchen.

The capacity for this lodge is 14 to 16 people. The best season to visit would be the summer months of June, July, and August. This is when we have our peak salmon runs and the myriad of other natural wonders that make Alaska great. During your trip you can plan on catching Kenai River king salmon, silver salmon, sockeye salmon, halibut, lingcod, rockfish and trophy rainbow trout. Our lodge is centrally located on the Kenai Peninsula to all of our great fishing destinations, and boasts spectacular views of Cook Inlet and the Alaska Range. The two biggest fish ever caught at the lodge were a 270-pound halibut and a 76-pound king salmon. Think you can do better?

This lodge is special because it gives people the opportunity to do what they came to do at their own leisure. After a hard day’s fishing session, they can return to their own cabin, throw what they caught on their own grill, and sit around the campfire telling stories.

If you have any further questions about either our Alaska Lodge or our SeaScape Lodge, please feel free to call us or send an email.